Avant de partir  
Before leaving

Before you go hiking, you have to check the weather. You should always wear a vest, from the time you are on the water, and shoes that take to closed feet and preference. Also, check that the vest is suitable for canoeing, kayaking and meets the requirements of the French Federation of canoeing. (

We start a walk to kayak only if it is sure to be in good physical condition.

 Sur l'eau 
On the water

 Il faut toujours faire attention à vos déchet aux alentours de l'eau, car cela risque de gêner la pratique d'autres personnes et surtout ce n'est pas respectueux de la nature. Sur l'eau, vous pouvez voir de nombreuses espèces animales et végétales que vous allez détruire avec les déchets. 

Always pay attention to your waste around the water, as this may interfere with the practice of other people and especially not respect nature. On the water, you can see many animal and plant species that you will destroy with the waste.